AEB FERMOPLUS Sauvignon (10 grams)


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FERMOPLUS® Sauvignon unlocks powerful aromatic polyfunctional free thiols (via biotransformation) and triggers aromatic amino acid metabolism by yeast (via the Ehrlich Pathway) leading to a significant boost of aroma and flavour in beer.

• The antioxidative properties of Sauvignon Blanc grape skin tannins and the presence of specific amino acids improves beer flavour stability.

• Mannoproteins from yeast autolysates gives the beer a clean and rounded mouthfeel.

• Boosts aroma and flavour profiles of beer efficiently, naturally and sustainably.

Typical dosage rate: 40 g/hl of cold wort/beer

It is recommended to add 20 g/hl of FERMOPLUS® Sauvignon directly into the cold wort, with a further 20 g/hl during dry-hopping or beer spunding (at 2°P or ~8 SG points above the targeted final gravity).

No rehydration is required

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