Riverbend Cumberland Pilsner 1-LB


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Riverbend Cumberland Pilsner

This malt is produced using 2-row barley sourced from Tennessee. This is another product born from our custom malt program, which gave us ample opportunity to highlight the blend of sweet aromatics and bread dough that we get from Calypso. Less floral than our Chesapeake Pilsner and a touch sweeter than our original 6-row Pilsner. The light color allows for inclusion across a wide range of styles.

GRAIN   2-row Barley

FLAVORS  Bread dough, sweet aromatics

GOOD FOR   All Lager Styles


Min Extract FG: 80.0%

Protein: 10.7%

S/T Ratio: 40-45

Min Alpha Amylase: 40

Min DP: 100

Color: 1.8-2.2 SRM

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