Riverbend Sunset Wheat 1-LB


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This malt is produced using soft red winter wheat grown in North Carolina. We elevate kilning temperatures to enhance aromas of freshly baked bread and toast. Look for a substantial improvement in flavor and mouthfeel over mass-produced offerings!


This malt is produced using regionally-grown soft red winter wheat. This product is kilned longer and at higher temperatures than our standard Appalachian Wheat. This results richer, sweeter profile reminiscent of cookie dough with a dash of baking spices. Try it in a traditional Weisse beer or Winter Warmer.

GRAIN   Wheat

FLAVORS Cookie dough, baking spice

GOOD FOR  Hefeweizen, Winter Warmer

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Weight 1.67 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 1 × 6 in

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